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So, what is ResponseSuite?

The Uber Sophisticated Web Based System With Unique
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But… why do you need ResponseSuite?


Pick your template and create your Responsive Survey.


Configure your survey and customize the look and feel!


Publish and generate loads of highly engaged leads!

Micro-commitments increase conversions.

Quizzes have stormed the internet years ago, and after seeing the effects of micro-commitments, many marketers have utilized them as a means of generating leads. Quizzes are one of the more competitive forms of content out there, and when implemented into any brand’s marketing strategy, can not only generate leads, but increase audience engagement, provide entertainment value, and even drive revenue. Consumers love taking them and savvy marketers love leveraging quiz data for hyper-targeted follow up.

Interesting, right? There’s more… Check out the videos below.

ResponseSuite is a dream for marketers and
online business owners…

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This is how YOU take over the world…

Amazing features will make you fall in LOVE ResponseSuite!

Maximize Membership & Subscription

Profits while decreasing “churn” rate
If members choose to leave your recurring sites, a simple survey can help you offer them a more suitable solution… so you keep more customers on the books

Maintain List Integrity

If leads choose to unsubscribe, multiple choice “exit surveys” can offer compelling options such as fewer emails or information on select topics. ResponseSuite® lets you keep more happy subscribers on your list

Upgrade Existing Customers

Send a survey to current customers asking what they need, then offer suitable products to fulfill those needs – perfect for upgrading customers to premium membership levels and products

Increase Affiliate Commissions

Instead of blasting a single offer to your entire list, use ResponseSuite® to find out what each subscriber needs, then promote the ideal offer to increase conversions

Cultivate Your Brand & Authority

Nothing makes you the “marketer of choice” more than actively engaging with your subscribers… and ResponseSuite® shows your leads you’re genuinely interested in their needs & goals

Sell More High End Offers

Convert more leads into high end buyers with ResponseSuite®. Use interactive surveys to prequalify leads… save time & money by focusing on clients that are an ideal fit for your premium offers

Get More Organic Traffic

Surveys posted to social media are FREQUENTLY shared, meaning users drive traffic for you. Surveys on your own sites keep visitors engaged longer, leading to improved SEO & search ranking

Instant Lead Monetization

Smart redirect technology lets you literally get paid to build your list. Instantly show new leads ideal offers based on their SPECIFIC interests to enjoy “impulse” purchase profits

Pre-Sell For The Win

Thanks to the flexibility of the question formats … you can HIGHLIGHT features of your offers within your surveys. Pre-condition survey takers so they’re EXCITED to act on your follow-up offers

Plus there are a ton more features…

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WP EasyOptin

A cool WordPress plugin creating easy squeeze pages.



A cool WordPress plugin popping up your like button on your site.



A cool WordPress plugin used to enforce scarcity on offers.


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This is the perfect addition to ResponseSuit — you can schedule in unlimited quizzes, surveys and polls. Basically using both tools at its full potential. Generating tons of (free and viral) traffic with ResponseSuite, and generating tons of leads and sales with the new and improved “Social Lead Chief”


With over 6,000 units sold this is one of our most successful products till date. Since the old team and I went separate ways the new team has rebuild the app from the ground up. As a result. A new name… more sexy, faster and has top notch security in place! We’ve added multiple other features such a Image multiple choice, way better segmenting options. And much much more! It’s finally ready to accept BETA testers. The video showcases the old version, as it’s so fresh… We didn’t had the time to create a proper video for you yet.

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Get Instant Access To ResponseSuite
During The Special Charter Launch!


Instant Access to ResponseSuite & All Your Bonuses!

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