You Don’t Have To Be A Marketing Genius To Make Money Online

To be honest, I absolutely love the marketing world we live in today. Opportunities are literally EVERYWHERE.

Seriously, there’s a shit ton around you to simply bounce in and be effective (regardless of the possibility if you know or don’t know what you are doing)

You just got to avoid one of the greatest pitfalls. And that is… *Drum roll*: Knowing too much, or the urge to become knowledgeable in every aspect of the niche you choose. It really can be detrimental to your success.

For instance, if you knew every detail there is about marketing, it could potentially stop your growth because you just know too much and you want to get everything perfect. Suffering from perfectionism.

Sometimes it’s just better to know less in some situations!

I mean, if the developers in my team are into some funky dark ritual stuff that helps them create all those cool software… I REALLY DON’T WANT TO KNOW!

Jokes a side though, I am not telling you to “unlearn” everything you know, but if you are just starting out I want to share of the best and honest ways of “making it” online without really having a whole lot of experience.

Document Your Way To Online Profits

It’s easy! This will work for anything you are trying to sell online. However, as with everything in life, you do need to take (some) action.

The simple act of living and documenting your journey will almost guarantee success. The beauty of this practice is that you can be honest with people and tell them you are new and just starting out.

Here’s a cool example we’re working on right now, and it closely relates to this documenting technique:

A woman got in touch with us and said she acquired a list of 110,000 leads from her previous job (all Dutch women, interested in weight loss and health offers). She didn’t really know what to do with all those leads, luckily we do!

So after running a positive ‘fit test’ on that huge list, we decided to form partnership with her.

However, there was a problem right from the get go.

You see, with Digital Marketing, and Internet Marketing as our main niche, we know how to market. And al though the same principles apply to every niche. We just don’t know jack about Weight loss, and where to get some cool content!

So we decided to ‘go-back-to-basic’ and start with documenting our Intermittent Fasting journey on our new Weight loss blog. And essentially living and breathing what we are going to market eventually.

In short, Intermittent Fasting is where you don’t eat for a large period of the day (personally I’m not eating for 18 hours) and take in all your required calories in the left over hours (I got 6 hours to take in around 2000 calories)

Before I digress… the best way to go about all of this that is to document your life every day on blog tied to your Social Media accounts. Use different mediums like; pictures, videos, and words. Share what you are eating and which exercises you are doing. Take before and after pictures. Share your results, and be totally transparent!

In the mean time send traffic to your blog and capture leads, find a related affiliate program, and once your warmed up your leads sufficiently… Pitch the offer and make some money!

Cool, Right?


True we got a list already, however… These are ‘old’ leads that need to be re-engaged. So we need to send them through re-engagement campaigns first. Plus we want to get these people on separate list, as most of ’em wouldn’t be all too excited about the technique we’re pushing. Plus we need to brand our selves.

So we’re actually in the same boat if you were to start off right now.

The Documenting Process

The documenting process should be in multiple medium. Even if it’s outside of your comfort level.

I.E. if you are more of a writer, you can’t neglect other powerful documenting processes like video. Having videos and pictures as well as the written word will all be a great combination working together. Once you have established your practice of documentation, start to share your work on social media, blogs, and video sites.

When you are finished documenting your process, you can continue to spread the word (in the same manner as above) about your successes and what it is you are selling.

To be honest, after you finish documenting, you can even sell that information – in a more elaborated way – at a later time. People are selling all kinds of information on sites like Udemy.

Udemy is a great platform that gets hundreds of thousands of visitors per month – these are visitors who are looking to buy what you have to offer! You can even give away information for free (on Udemy and elsewhere) in order to gain an email list (one of the biggest assets you can have as a online marketer)

Do you see how powerful this process is? Just by you living the experience and documenting everything, you’ve now got this tremendous asset that you can sell, give away and leverage to sell other products.

Have fun with this – because it really works!

As you can see, if you take the journey and document it along the way, you don’t need to be an expert at anything!

And in the end you’ll end up with a blog, an eBook, or video course… Including all your findings and information, a lot of people are willing to pay you for!

(People will eventually start to perceive you as an expert too. But aren’t you an expert? You’ve been in the trenches after all!)

Some final words.

If you are going to follow this process, technique, method, or whatever you want to call it… it will certainly help if you are really into whatever you are planning to do!

Look. If you’re not into losing weight like our ‘little’ example. The whole process would be a waste of time for you. Simply because you wouldn’t be enjoying what you were doing (skipping on those big heart-attack burgers?)

And to be honest. Your before and after shots would probably make you look like a failure if you don’t take the project seriously. Just make sure to keep in mind that fun should be part of the equation too.

That said.

Have you ever done any ‘marketing’ like this? Have you started from scratch with something and documented your way to profits, like the way we are doing for the Dutch Intermittent Fasting Niche?

Please share with us and comment below!

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